Property Surveys

National Register and Historic Property Survey/Inventory

Surveys can be conducted to identify historic buildings in as narrow an area as a single building or as broad as an entire town.  These are usually documented on state survey forms.  For structures or districts eligible for the National Register, further research and documentation involving preparation of a National Register nomination form can be completed.

Communities have found that historic preservation is a vital tool for creating sustainable communities. Properties determined eligible for listing in the National Register, may be eligible for grants and tax incentives that provide additional financing to make revitalization efforts a reality. Many communities use the identification of historic buildings as a tool to help prioritize short-term and long-term planning efforts or to enhance a fundraising campaign for a specific project. This helps focus public dollars on preserving places in the community that reflect a shared history. Identification of these resources helps planners direct new development and gives us all a better understanding and appreciation of our common heritage.

 Identification of historic structures can also help individuals, organizations and other agencies wanting to preserve their past. Listing on the National Register recognizes a property’s local, state or national significance.  It includes individually significant resources and groups of resources that are listed as historic districts.

 The consultant conducts historic resource surveys to identify buildings, structures, objects and historic districts that are eligible for the National or State Registers.  She prepares state survey forms and National Register nominations. Nominations and surveys can also be updated and/or expanded when the original documentation has become outdated.

When conducting historic resource surveys or preparing nominations, the consultant records each property’s date of construction, style, materials, integrity, and other physical attributes and also photographs each property and conducts archival research to understand the history and significance of the individual properties and of the survey area as a whole. 

 The consultant formerly managed the National Register and survey program at the State Historic Preservation Office and has successfully listed individual properties, historic districts, and multiple property submissions on the National Register. 

Successful nominations prepared by the consultant include-

  • -Single family homes
  • -Many multi-unit apartment buildings
  • -one room schoolhouses
  • -residential historic districts
  • -village districts
  • -district amendments