Regulatory Review

Regulatory Review

Use of state or federal dollars or permits requires review of the proposed project to identify any historic properties involved, assess any impacts to historic structures, and resolve any potential adverse affects.  This work helps communities, organizations, public agencies and private individuals comply with government regulations including Act 250 and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Reviews, like projects, can range from quick and simple single letter reviews, to complex undertakings with impacts to structures that require negotiation of mitigation measures. Regulatory review steps include identifying, evaluating, and documenting impacted historic resources, assessing the effect of the proposed undertaking on  the historic resource, and assisting in developing mitigation strategies. Work can include preparing resource documentation reports, preparation of preliminary and final letters and reports to the State Historic Preservation Office,  development of mitigation measures, preparing and negotiating agreement documents including Memoranda of Agreement and Standard Mitigation Measures Agreements. The goal in all cases is to enable clients to move through the historic preservation review process in a timely manner.


Project reviews have included-

-Additions to community-owned buildings and libraries

-Rehabilitation and expansion of multi-unit commercial and residential buildings, including deep energy retrofits

-Preliminary resource identification and project assessment for sidewalks, bike paths, intersection upgrades, and bridge replacement projects.

-New construction in historic districts

-Resource identification and impact assessments for telecommunication facilities